Ekonor Oy was growing strongly in the autumn of 2012 and they expanded their activity all around Finland by starting up several offices almost simultaneously. SISU made the design plan, basic repairs and furnishing for Ekonor Oy in four offices alltogether: Espoo, Jyväskylä, Lahti and Turku. All the offices were carried out with the same style and the same office furniture. The criteria of the Ekonor Oy’s decesion to purchase were: quick delivery, expense efficient services, practical office furniture and executing the appearance of the office at once into the premises.

In the second stage Ekonor Oy got even more offices to Kuopio and Tornio and the office in Lahti moved into larger premises. These offices were carried out in the same way as the earlier ones. In Lahti the big glass windows, to which SISU provided screens and brandtaping, proved a special challange.

In the third stage, together with the Ekonor Oy, we produced a main office to Oulu, more specifically in Kempele next to Oulu, the same way we did the other offices. Also the Espoo 4-person office expanded into a 10-person office and SISU took care of the whole process from moving out of the previous office to designing and furnishing the new one according to the look of Ekonor Oy.


Ekonor Oy Espoo, toimistokalusteetEkonor toimistokalusteet Espoo

The controlling element in the Ekonor office look is the modern black-and-white themed furniture and flooring. Ekonor’s green color was striven to use as an effect adding color for example, in the interior design details such as coffee mugs. Strong brand communication was provided by an effect adding wall meaning a wall to which we added Ekonor Oy’s logo by painting/sticker. Enjoyability was added to the offices by plants and panel curtains. Green carpets were used to add effect and, with the curtains, also make the acoustic features of the room better.

The client has been happy with SISU’s services as can be concluded from this comment: ”Cozy offices with a prompt schedule – I recommend”. Matti Nevala, CEO of Ekonor Oy

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