The first private hearing aid shop in Finland, Kaiku, has been opened in Tullintori, Tampere.
Behind the Kaiku store is Phonak AB’s finnish subcompany. Phonak is a part of Sonova Group. The headquarters of the company are located in Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland. Phonak has developed and produced technologically advanced hearing aids and FM-systems for the past 50 years. During this time Phonak has combined its knowledge of the hearing sector technology and acoustics with active cooperation between different proffesion groups aiming to develop the quality of lifestyle for people with poor hearing. More information on Phonak: Kaiku wants to offer its customers the best customer service in Finland as well as the most advanced hearing aid technology. With the help of a private shop customers can buy the best products on the market immidiately. With the hospital buying process the technology comes a bit behind.

The starting point for the store was a new, young, fresh, look combined with good shop planning. What made the planning hard was the small size of the products. The shop could not be made look good buy filling it with products. The furniture and design had to look especially good and accentuate small products.

In shop planning the main thing is to arrange the products in the middle of the store in showy urapaneelilla olevissa keskilattiakalusteissa. A relatively little amount of shelves were used because there was a relatively little amount of products. Clear lines were broken deliberately with different sized piikit and by arranging the shelves at different levels. To the ends which the customer first sees we placed glass shelves so that the color of the shelf would not take the attention away from the product.

To the same space we also made a waiting area for the customers. Here customers can wait for their personal reserved time, for example, to measure their hearing or try on a hearing aid, comfortably sitting on a leather couch and looking at the brochures or the changing slides on a screen about the new things reached related to hearing. SISU furnished the store and the waiting area as well as an office room for personal service.

”SISU Interior succeeded in furnishing our shop better then well and the final result was superb. Cooperation went with no problems and the furniture was in the shop readily assembled well within the schedule. I recommend!”, states Liina Airaksinen, store manager.
Cooperation with the client always leads to the best end result just like the pictures from the Kaiku store prove. SISU thanks and takes a bow.

Päivitetty 2020