Linko, Inc. Is a CMR-software company in San Fransisco, Helsinki and Berlin. The product innovation Of Linko is revolutionary – it lets sales people use the applications they want in smart phones and tablets, and completely atomizes data collecting and management of customer control. This allows the sales people to do their job, even without a computer, straight of a mobile device and stop all unnecessary administrative work.

Linko established its product development headquarters in Berlin, because part of the companie’s key developer’s were already there and the city was decided to be the best place to bring developer’s from many different countries together into the same space. It was also good taking into consideration future recrutations.

Linko’s office is an approximately 200m2 penthouse in the city center of Berlin (Foursquare linkki), near the famous Alexanderplaz television tower of Berlin. The space is open and thanks to the large windows, a lot of natural light gets in. Thanks to the two balconies you can easily get out from the Linko office to admire the wheather and traffic going on outside.

Linko’s idea for the office was an amusement park, an amusementpark of work. They did not want the traditional office looking office where people type on computers in closed workstations. Mobility and a young working community made it possible to freely use imagination within the space. The starting scenario was that the owner of the estate had done a renovation where the teakwood floor was a controlling element. The walls were entirely maalarinvalkoinen. For Linko we decided on red as a effect adding color. We also used different shades of grey and black. The mandatory element of the teakwood floor was used in other places to soften and warm the atmosphere of the office.

Because of the large amount of furniture in the foundation of the space we decided to make different types of ”sections” that also fit the workers of Linko very well. Linko now has its own entrance by elevator in their penthouse which we added ”wow-effect” to with a shockingly red rail-element, Linko’s ”cursivelogo” and a lit up Linko’s official logo attached to the roof, visible right at the midway of the stairs.

For focus demanding tasks and for working on the big screen, a more traditional workroom was made for Linko’s office with 4 work stations at a table either sitting or standing. The traditional office vibe was decreased with glass-surface tables. Next to the focusroom we built a movietheater-room where you can watch movies comfortably on beanbag chairs and enjoy the soft feeling of a wall-to-wall carpet under your toes. The lights in the room can also be dimmed but for mood lighting, thanks to extra listoitus, remote control led ribbon winds around the whole room. During the day, the room is used for teamwork with the help of a shared screen on the projector.

Next to the kitchen a more community-like space was requested, in which all the employees of Linko could fit into at once, to eat, drink coffee and work. For this a 4-metre long, solid wood table with solid wood legs was made. Above the table are Linko’s big, dome-shaped, hanging, red lamps to add to the cafe feel. Immidiately next to the long table and kitchen are bar-high round tables with black bar chairs. The hight differences bring vibrancy and diversity to completing tasks in various places around the office. The big couch, that easily fits a minimum of six people, is definitely the most popular element at the Linko office. Most of the time for both programmers and others goes by relaxedly working on the couch.

In the design of the conferance room we took into consideration neutrality for video conferences and more formal cooperation negotiations. The room is controlled by a square-shaped, graffite-grey
glass table and a shiny white tv-top with storage space (also the TV is white). The table is composed of two separate tables but the shiny white legs form a perfect triangle creating an illusion of just one table.

The downstairs of the Linko office contains a bedroom with two beds. This means that you can also stay overnight at the office for example, when employees are visiting from Finland or elsewhere. If necessary the office can hold around 20 overnight guests on matresses and other arrangements. Four bathrooms, a bathtub and a completely equipped kitchen add to the comfort and there is no need to stay at a hotel. For dining options there are many extremely popular, high-quality restaurants surrounding the office. In addition the café downstairs and the grocery store around the corner give relief with even the most urgent needs.

The client’s statement of the success of the project summarizes it best: ”SISU Interior helped us make the most fun office in Berlin. We get job applications from the people who visit the office merely based on the amazing premises. Great work!”
Mikko Alasaarela, Founder Linko, Inc

Päivitetty 2020