Netplaza Oy is the only internet operator in Oulu. We specialize in giving reliable, inexspensive and flexible internet services to the companies in the area as well as Talonetti-kiinteistöliittymiä talyhtiöille. We employ nine people.

Netplaza Oy was growing rapidly. As the number of employees grew we needed a new, bigger office. We decided on an office located in the city center that needed some basic repair including some small fixing up and painting.

Admidst the move we wanted to get rid of the tightness and stuffiness of our old office. We wanted the new office to be cozy, spacious and functional so we contacted SISU Interior. We had heard about the office tuunaus service that includes it all: Interior designing, supplies, materials and the purchasing of office furniture, work as well as jälkihoito.

For Netplaza everything went at ease. Our contact person dealt with thinking of ideas and meeting with SISU Interior. According to the meeting we recieved ready-made interior design suggestions. Amendments and wishes were heard well and the end result is like it should. The timetable held together and the renovations were finnished on time.

The difference compared to our previous office is significant. Now our office is very cozy. The interior designer took into consideration well the youthfulness of our activity and the walls and curtains have colors that fit into our company look.

Another difference is that our employees now have a smile on their face! In our new space we can enjoy nice things, like drinking coffee together, which were not possible in our old office.

Working in an aesthetically harmonious environment is more efficient. In a customer service related job it is important that you enjoy being at your workplace: A happy employee is more efficient and serves the customers better.

Tommi Linna, CEO of Netplaza Oy

Päivitetty 2020