What is an Infinity Wall?
Infinity wall, also known as cyclorama, is a single-colored space where the lines between walls, floor, and the roof are made invisible by making them round and seamless – a bit like an upright standing skateboarding ramp. In practice, it is a curved and completely seamless wall or a corner that creates an illusion of endless space. The wall described in this article was made for our customer Kuulu, a marketing communications agency in Oulu, Finland, with the following measurements: the longer wall was about 4m, the shorter wall 3,7m, the height was 3m, and the floor about 4m x 3.7m.

When editing material that has been shot against a monochrome background, the background color can be replaced by another image or video footage. The technique is called keychaining, blue/greenscreening or chromed image and it is used for many different purposes, both in video production as well as in still images.

Construction Phases:
1. Building the wall frame
Firstly, the body of the entire complex had to be built. In this case, also the floor needed a frame in order to have a raised floor, which would then be easier to dismantle and move, if necessary. It was a very similar construction process as with normal partitions walls.

2. Manufacturing of angular elements for bending
This step was done with a CNC machine in order to obtain the elements of precise length and thickness of our choosing, down to a millimeter accuracy.

3. Paneling
In the upper part of the walls we used plasterboard (just like in a typical partition wall), a thin plywood in the curved area, and a floor flakeboard in the raised floor.

4. Leveling, painting, and surface finishing
The seams of the paneling disks were taped and leveled so that the surface would be completely uniform without any seams. The leveling phase was repeated several times to get the best result.

Lastly, all the surfaces were primed, after which they were painted with an extraordinary white paint with a full matt finishing.

The End Result

Do you also want a custom-made Infinity Wall into your facilities?

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